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Hi Family! Thanks for stopping by my page! Let me drop a fun facts challenge:


- I serve Freedom Nation Live as a Youth and Young Adult Leader!

- I am currently 24 years old [I am adulting out here in these streets ok!]

- I'm orgininally from Lawton, Oklahoma. Never heard of it? It's fine, most people haven't 😂

- My favorite place to be on Earth?? Behind a camera or in a dance studio for sure 😍

- What's a part of my purpose in life?? Evangelism and Prophetic Fine Arts!

- In school?? Yes Lord still 😂😅! I am curretnly attending Temple University working towards my Masters in Dance; focusing on choreography, performance, education and research! 🎓🎓🎓

- What is one thing I say all the time?? PERIODT! Yes, you will see/hear me say periodt A LOT 🤣🤣🤣 it just adds that finishing touch that I need to important things BAHA! 😂😂

I would love to chat with you! Please make yourself at home and WELCOME TO FREEDOM NATION LIVE!

Uriah Huffman

Uriah Huffman

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